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A young couple is moving to a new place because their Lease expired. They are driving on the road, and suddenly, a car makes a sharp turn.



T: I can’t wait to get to our new home. Hey, watch out for that car!

(The man slams on the brakes.)

M: That was close! But we’re OK. I probably shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night packing up our stuff. I feel a bit off.

T: It’s OK. The insurance company will cover the damages if a car accident happens. But if we get into too many accidents and the claims accumulate, our compulsory insurance premiuns may increase. How the insurance loss ratio works is similar to that of labor insurance or health insurance. It’s not worth it, so drive safe! By the way, I’ve informed the insurace company that we’re changing our address. That way, we won’t miss the insurance renewal notice.

M:No worries. I already renewed my insurance earlier this month and paid for it at the convenience store. I’ve also got my “e-card”, so I can check when it expires on my smartphone. It also makes dealing with the Motor Vehicles Office much less of a hassle and it’s more convenient and eco-firendly.

T:How do you sign up for an e-card.

M: Easy. Just register your phone number or e-mail address with the insurance company, and then you’re all set.

T: Cool! It’s good that we are insured. It offers more protection and security.


1、lease expired, 房租到期了。这个表达也可以换成lease run out. Lease 名词的意思是“租约,租契”;rent作为名词的意思是“租金”,rental也有租金的意思。

2、a sharp turn,急转弯。Bend也有“拐弯,弯道”的意思,所以也可以说表达成a sharp bend。

3、slam on the brake(s),猛踩刹车。还有一种表达方式是“jam on the brake(s)”,jam作为动词有一个意思是“使劲挤、压”,而jam名词常用的意思是“果酱”“拥挤”,traffic jam“交通拥挤”。如果仅仅表达踩刹车,可以用put/hit/apply on the brake(s)。

4、stay up,熬夜,深夜不睡,也可以说stay up late。Stay up all night,彻夜未眠,通宵。

这句话有个一个虚拟语气的使用,“should have done ”即should+完成时的陈述,这种虚拟语气,表示“过去本应该做某事,而实际未做”。

5、feel a bit off,有点不在状态。Off这个词是英语中非常重要的一个词,可以作为介词和很多动词搭配做,也可以作为形容词和副词,表示离开或者不接受等相关的意思。例如:他今天休假,he is off today。会议取消了,the meeting is off 。

6、cover the damage,赔偿损失。cover作为动词,常见的意思是“覆盖,包含”,它还有一个意思是“有足够的钱支付”,例如,I can cover you for lunch today,我可以帮你支付今天的午餐费用。

7、get into ,达到,处于,陷入。例如get into trouble/difficulties。


9、compulsory,强制的,必须做的,强迫的。这个词比较单一,也容易掌握。义务教育,compulsory education。必修科目,compulsory subject/course。compulsory execution 强制执行。China Compulsory Certification中国强制认证。


11、How the insurance loss ratio works is similar to that of labor insurance or health insurance.这个句子很经典,里面有不少语法。这个句子的主干是A is similar to B,“A和B是相似的”。A是“How the…… works”,意思是“保险的赔付率的计算方式”,而后面的that of是代替了前面的how it works这个内容。

12、renewal,有效期延长,续订,更新。renew是动词“使继续有效,延长…的期限”。例如renew a licence/lease/subscription/contract.

13、e-card,electronic insurance card的简写,电子式保险证。

14、much less of,少得多,小得多。对话中这句话的意思是“这也让我们和交通监管所打交道减少了不少麻烦”。motor vehicles ,机动车辆。hassle,困难,麻烦。


16、sign up for ,报名参加,注册。


18、be all set准备就绪。